In recent years "Le Querciole" contributed significantly to the rediscovery of Pisan Hills , demonstrating how it is possible, in this area, create quality products in respecting our agricultural tradition. Our starting point is the simple observation of nature in this part of Tuscany : the fertile land , vines , olive trees , fruit trees , sun exposure and volume of rains , accompanied by the man work with the help of sophisticated machinery and techniques, respecting traditions, obtaining excellent crops and final products. We reached an excellent extra virgin olive oil and a good wine , conveying interest and passion towards nature to our guests during the tasting explain and showing the whole formation process of our products. This is our spirit: to present the products of our company starting from nature and stages of the production process.

At the farm "Le Querciole" customers can enjoy & buy varieties of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality from the unique organoleptic properties.

Our production: Travertus , fruity flavor and firm , with a hint of fresh almonds suitable for all traditional Mediterranean dishes, pasta, mozzarella, mixed salad. Monovarietal moraiolo ; Full flavour, harmonious fruity medium intensity; suitable for meats , bruschetta , tomato salads Monovarietal Frantoio, light fruity flavor, sweet, elegant, friendly , suitable for green salads, red chicory, white meat. Monovarietal Leccino, slightly fruity flavor , sweet aftertaste , suitable for fish, vegetable soups. Monovarietal Maurino, moderately fruity flavor , slightly sweet ; suitable for Spinach, boiled potatoes, field greens cooked.

Our company has a long tradition of wine that is being renewed, maintaining native vines , which is necessary to obtain a wine with elegance and complexity as to be equal to the best Tuscan wines. Our production: Pervago intense ruby ​​color, intense scent with predominance of red berry fruit and hints of spice , the wine is robust and full-bodied. Vines 100% sangiovese. Lautun brilliant ruby ​​red color and vinous scent with fruity notes. Good body and good aromatic persistence , has dry, fruity , slightly tannic. Vines: Sangiovese, Colorino, Cannaiolo. Ruva straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Fine bouquet with hints of fruit and white flowers. Dry wine with good structure, balanced with a lingering finish. Vines: Tuscan Trebbiano, Malvasia Bianca, Colombana.

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