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The farm "Le Querciole" has an area of about 9 hectares. Mainly it's covered by olive trees , vineyards and... Leggi tutto



In recent years "Le Querciole" contributed significantly to the rediscovery of  Pisan Hills , demonstrating how... Leggi tutto



The apartments are six and are furnished in typical Tuscan style with built-in kitchens and shower in the bathroom. Leggi tutto



Our customers also have the opportunity to observe horses, chickens, ducks and rabbits in their natural... Leggi tutto




The apartments are six of various types, two and three, for a total of sixteen beds.



Matrimonio alle Querciole

Nord Est 43°10

The Mapping Location of Well-Being.

In the heart of the Tuscan countryside at the geographical mapping location of 43.52 degrees North and 10.62 degrees East, grow the olive trees where extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives and which is then used to make the cosmetics of North East 43*10*.
Obtained by cold-pressed extraction from the olives of the Moraiolo variety which are freshly picked, this is an oil with a very low acidic content, very rich in vitamins and fatty acids similar to those found in the human skin.



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Our contact persons




Buying agricultural products, tasting wines and extra virgin olive oils, guided tours.

Gianluigi Fagiolini


Directors, reservations and guided groups, Communication.

Giulia Fagiolini


Reservations Self Development, Marketing.

Matteo Fagiolini




The renovation of an outbuilding of the farm surrounded by olive trees in the park " le Querciole".

It 's the ideal place for guests looking for suggestions and want to customize your own events.


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